Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stalker Who Threatened To Rape and Murder Sarah Palin, Her Daughter, and a Friend, Is A Bachmann Supporter

Shawn R. Christy, right, looks over court documents with his mother, Karen, center, and father, Craig, at the family’s home in McAdoo. [Republican Herald]

By Gary P Jackson

We've talked about Shawn Christy before. This guy is certifiable, and as we reported, so is his family. Christy lives in a fantasy world where he believes he and Governor Palin had some sort of "intimate relationship" and his crazy family goes along with this. I've even had Christy's father, Craig, send me insane messages about Secret Service cover-ups after I wrote about this nonsense.

Christy has threatened to kill Sarah, rape and kill her daughter, as well as Sarah's good friend, Kristan Cole. He's sent both Sarah and Kristan violent threats, and was even harassing Kristan's kids on Facebook. Again, Christy's mother and father were in on this, and sent messages of their own.

All three of these people belong in a facility for the criminally insane.

Kelsey at Barbaric Thoughts has the latest on these loons.

Recordings of telephone calls made to Sarah Palin’s attorney by a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking the former Alaska governor are peppered with profanity-laced tirades and vows to continue calling nonstop.

In one recording, Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pa., tells Palin’s lawyer: "You want to play games, you wanna play little court games, well play games, now come on .. Come on! Let’s play games as far as you want it to go on!"

The recordings have been submitted with a motion by attorney John Tiemessen asking a state magistrate in Alaska to deny a request to dissolve a restraining order against Christy.

The motion says Christy’s father, Craig Christy, also has made multiple calls to his office. One of the calls is included in the filing.

"There is really not sufficient punctuation on a standard keyboard to express the seething, spitting, splenic, paranoid, bat-guano crazy rage that is encapsulated on the audio," Tiemessen wrote in the document filed late Tuesday. "None of these calls advance resolution of this matter. They only reinforce that the Christies are a disturbed, obsessed and delusional set of individuals who can not be trusted to behave in a minimally socially acceptable manner on the telephone."

[ .... ]

Shawn Christy disputes involvement in a letter threatening Palin’s teenage daughter Willow that was submitted as evidence against him earlier this year.

The letter, consisting of cut-and-paste words, says that if Palin didn’t announce by the non-existent date of April 31 that she would not run for office, "you will be cleaning Willows brain cells off your clothes." It is signed "Hollow Point" and mailed from southeastern Pennsylvania, which the Christys say is nowhere near McAdoo. They also say the handwriting on the envelope is nothing like Shawn Christy’s, who submitted copies of the letter and envelope, along with a letter he wrote to Palin in the past to compare hand writing.

"I demand evidence be submitted to the United States Secret Service for further investigation, to prove my innocence, and I demand a retrial," Shawn Christy wrote in his request.

His mother, Karen Christy, told The Associated Press that the phone calls to Tiemessen reflect the deep frustration the family feels over the letter her son is accused of sending and their inability to find who has the original. In one of the recordings, Tiemessen said he sent the original to the Anchorage office of the FBI, but declined to identify what agent had it, saying he didn’t know. The FBI won’t confirm possession of the letter, Karen Christy said. She believes the letter weighed heavily in extension of the restraining order against her son.

"No one has yet to prove that Shawn wrote that letter and no one has been able to produce the original letter," she said. "Until something is proven that Shawn did it, I don’t see how they can hold that against him."

Craig Christy just mailed a request to get the restraining order against him resolved as well, according to Karen Christy.

Tiemessen told the AP in an email that after the court’s May decision, "Karen Christy promised that her family would not contact us anymore." That promise was short-lived, Tiemessen said.

"The Christys claim that they just want to be left alone," he said. "They have the power to make that happen. The fact that they continue on this self-destructive path suggests an unfortunate and potentially dangerous alternative desire."

These people are definitely "disturbed" and most certainly dangerous.

Kelsey has much more, including some screen captures of Facebook postings from both Shawn and Craig. In her investigation, she also discovered that Shawn is a big supporter of Michele Bachmann. My advice to Bachmann is: Get plenty of security.

Read it all here.

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