Sunday, July 3, 2011

Someone Like You [ A Song for Sarah Palin]

This song is about Sarah Palin and how she inspires me to be a better Christian, American, and a more motivated, hands-on person in general.

~ Sherry Iles

By Gary P Jackson

Here's the brand knew single from Sherry Iles' debut CD Owe Spirit. this song, Someone Like You is a tribute to Sarah Palin. Sherry told me: "I have written and recorded this song about Sarah Palin and how she inspires me as a person, patriot and Christian."

The music of "Owe Spirit" by Sherry Iles is a combination of rich mesmerizing vocals, and heavily driven guitar oriented rock. The rhythm section along with the haunting melodies command the listener's attention. The lyrical content is crafted to bring focus to the spiritual realm and much of what has been forgotten through years of societal anger and disposition. Equally, the songs "Lighted Way" and "Break Through" are light, lilting piano and orchestral string arrangements that lend to true calmness from a heart thoughtfully genuine.

The intent here is to "Unite" people under our God given rights to free will, creativity and living life to the fullest. Sherry has not only written all of the songs compiled within "Owe Spirit", but she has also played all of the instruments on the album with additions of Gary Shepard's cleverly, tasteful lead guitar solos and rhythm parts on "Walk on Water" and "I've Got this Feeling".

From Sherry's bio:

Primarily a bassist and vocalist, Sherry's musical experience has included many exciting collaborations and performances. She formed a successful 6-piece all woman band called, Hijinx that rocked the Seattle area during the 80's. Seeking bigger stages, she moved on to the glitter of Las Vegas where she played in prestigious venues such as, The Las Vegas Hilton, Caesar's Palace, Bally's, and Bourbon Street. In the 90's, she embarked on a southeastern tour opening for the Indigo Girls as part of a duo with singer/songwriter Rache Alpert.

The recent years have found her recording and performing with Ronnda Cadle and the String Poets, and she is also very active currently playing bass and singing lead vocals with classic rock cover band, Lo Down Brown in Aiken, SC.

You can order Owe Spirit, download the single Someone Like You, and much more by clicking here.

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