Friday, July 24, 2009

We Are The New Counterculture

I turned 50 a month ago. Not a big deal. But as we all do from time to time, it was a pause for reflection. A time to remember all of the good stuff. And so far, it’s been pretty darned good!

But, it also had me reflecting on America, and the trouble she is in.

Having grown up in the 1960's and 1970's, I can say those were exciting times. I mean everything was changing. Music, the soundtrack of our lives was going through incredible change. The Beatles showed up on Ed Sullivan’s show and the whole world changed. And music continued to evolve into all sorts of exciting directions. It was a magical, amazing time.

Television was changing. Stars like Milton Berle, Jackie Gleason, and Jack Benny were being replaced by Laugh-In, The Smothers Brothers, and Sonny and Cher. Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best, gave way to The Brady Bunch, and later Good Times and Sanford and Son.

Everything was in flux. All sorts of technology was being developed, thanks to our race to the moon. As a car guy, even at a tender age, the muscle car and pony car era was simultaneously turning the performance world on it’s ear. And having owned a vintage 66 Chevelle Super Sport with the 396 and 4 speed as a teen, I can tell you, that your life just isn’t complete until you have rowed that 4 speed going down the quarter mile!

But all wasn’t perfect. Underneath the excitement of a true new age of technological and cultural enlightenment, there was a counter revolution brewing. America, was and is, the greatest nation on earth. But we had many, many problems.

Racism was a huge stain. In most of the country the race issue was exploding. There were freedom marches There were attacks on those marches. This would devolve into race riots before all settled down.

The economy was not in great shape. Taxes were sky high. The top rate coming into the 1960's was 91 percent. Thankfully, JFK upon taking office started lowered taxes, and the economy got a little better, but under democrat rule, they were opposed to lowering the tax rate enough to really kick start the economy as they should have. By 1965 the top rate was still a whopping 70 percent.

At those kind of rates, people hide their money, they don’t invest it. The economy does not grow.

Speaking of JFK, the nation suffered a great loss when Kennedy was shot. A lot of the nation’s innocence was lost. The optimism people had with this young President in office sort of peaked for a bit. Took some of the wind out of the nation's sails.

Of course, there were many foreign policy disasters. Kennedy met with Nikita Khrushchev, Russia’s leader, soon after he was elected. Khrushchev saw a weakness in Kennedy and would later try and exploit that. (Remind of you of anyone we know of today?)

Kennedy, who inherited Eisenhower’s Bay of Pigs plan for Cuba, botched that deal, and got a lot of people killed. He missed his chance to free Cuba from a generation of communist dictatorship, and strife.

This of course emboldened the Soviets, who became Fidel Castro’s new BFF. (best friends forever)

It wasn’t long before Soviet nuclear missiles were parked on Cuban soil. It still amazes me we that somehow got out of that one alive. This, I think, was one of those deals my dad used to describe as: "One was scared, and the other was glad of it!"

But, that wasn’t the only miscue. With the absolute best of intentions. and America’s national security in mind, Kennedy started us down the path to the "police action" that became known as the Vietnam War. Of course, it was really a proxy war between us and the Soviets. This war would define the 1960's for a lot of people. We still have some of the radicals this deal birthed running around. Some are actually in powerful political positions.

The Vietnam War was probably the most winnable war we had fought up to that point, but it was managed out of the Oval Office by Lyndon Johnson and Robert MacNamara, the President and Secretary of Defense, respectively. They mismanaged this war horribly. Many young Americans died in that Southeast Asian quagmire.

The Vietnam War ended up being the catalyst for a major counter cultural revolution. People rose up in disgust at the botched war effort. Protests, draft card burnings, and so on ,became standard daily fare.

But that in turn emboldened just about everyone. The issues of civil rights, women’s rights, human rights and on and on all hit the front pages of the newspapers. This counterculture grew legs. They demanded changes in our society. Some positive, some not.

But before we go further, lets make it perfectly clear who and what the riots and the protests were aimed at.

These protesters were protesting the government. An oppressive government. A government that would eventually rule for some 40 odd years. A government run by the democrat party.

Now, I know what you will say here. Between FDR and Ronald Reagan, we had Republican Presidents. We had Ike, Nixon, and Ford. But one has to remember how our government works. While the Constitution gives the President broad powers, especially on foreign policy, it’s Congress that makes the laws and holds the purse strings. The President can’t do much without them.

Now, if you are the President, and have a majority in Congress, you can get a lot done. If you have a super majority, as the democrats had for those four long decades, you rule. Of course, if it’s not your party that has the super majority, and you happen to be President, get little done. Unless you are Ronald Reagan.

So make no mistake, the 60's and 70's counterculture was protesting the policies of the progressive democrat party.

Now they did this in many ways.

For example, Republicans Ronald Reagan and Dr Martin Luther King went the peaceful route. Dr King led peaceful marches and gave inspiring speeches. He set a true tone, that had it been followed and respected, would have really built bridges for all of mankind to have crossed. His assassination would see a lot of his dream die. And racism, countered by reverse racism, continues to this day. But, for a wonderful time, Dr King’s message was strong and correct. It is still the right message today.

For those that forgot, the democrats, including Johnson and his advisor Bill Moyers (now of PBS) constantly harassed Dr King, going so far as illegally bugging his hotel rooms. LBJ had the FBI keep a file on him.

Ronald Reagan gave speeches, too. Many powerful speeches, such as the one he gave at the 1964 Republican National Convention that can be viewed here.

Reagan, speaking on behalf of Barry Goldwater, laid out all of the increasing problems occurring under democrat party control. Reagan railed on the democrats march towards socialism and tyranny. This speech as seen through history is iconic. But sadly, can be viewed in 2009, 45 years later, and sound like Reagan is talking about today’s democrat party, and government. It’s actually quite chilling.

Of course, others took a different route. Many different little groups formed around the idea of a violent overthrow of the government.

There was the militant Black Panther group, who killed police and caused mayhem all over the country. This group lives today, as the New Black Panthers. And they are still as racist and militant as ever. During the 2008 Presidential election, New Black Panther members were seen at various polling places, most notably in Philadelphia. In Philly, Panthers, armed with deadly weapons, were at the entrance of a polling place in full dress uniform.

This of course, is a flagrant violation of the voting rights act, as well as civil rights law. President Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has intervened in that case and has tried to make it go away.

Now again, there were many of these groups. One famous group was the Symbionese Liberation Army. They are famous because of the kidnapping of the heiress to the Hearst newspaper fortune, Patty Hearst. What makes this remarkable is they not only took Patty Hearst, but somehow tuned her into one of them. Still a fascinating case today.

Of course, due to Barack Obama’s rise, the most known of these radical groups is the violent Weather Underground.

The Weather Underground was a violent group run by long time Obama friend William Ayers.

Ayers, an unrepentant murdering domestic terrorist was in charge of this outfit. While they billed themselves as a group protesting the Vietnam War, their real cause was the destruction of American society as we know it. Their specialty was bomb setting. They bombed the United States Capitol building. They bombed the Pentagon. They bombed the New York City Police headquarters. The bombed a whole lot of stuff! For a complete history, you can look here.

Ayers, whose first wife blew herself up while making a bomb, is married to Bernardine Dohrn. Dohrn is a convicted felon and was once on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for her part in a botched Brinks truck robbery that left the guards and a police officer dead. One of Dohrn’s more famous quotes comes after the murder of actress Sharon Tate, and her guests, at the hands of the Manson Family.

"Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!"

Dohrn and Michelle Obama once worked together in the same law office .

Ayers, in a New York Times interview that, incredibly, was published on September 11, 2001, proclaimed that he was not sorry for the bombings and killings, and wasn’t against doing so again. Here is one of Ayers’ more notorious quotes:

"'Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at,''

A statement that blows one’s mind when you consider the reason that Bill Ayers isn’t rotting in some prison is the fact that his dad, who Ayers says "worked for Edison" was in fact the CEO and Chairman of Consolidated Edison of Chicago! A very wealthy man who was able to get the very best lawyers for his son.

Why should you care? What does this mean? Well, for one thing, most of those people who were bent on destroying American society back in the 60's and 70's are now in powerful positions in government and academia. Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn are now "highly respected" educators. Ayers recognized that he couldn’t blow America up, so he decided to take over the educational system. This has been one of the long term goals of the communist party.

And that’s what ties this all together.

There has been a lot written about the ties between Barack Obama, William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, The Black Panthers, and other radicals and groups like ACORN.

Dr Stanley Kurtz a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center has written extensively about these connections, as have others.

And don’t dismiss the fact that as a youngster in Hawaii, Barack Obama was tutored by Chicago native, communist, and confessed pedophile, Frank Marshall Davis.

Bill Ayers and Barack Obama sat on the board of two foundations together and worked funneling money "for education" to radical groups like ACORN.

Also, the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, and Barack Obama are students of radical communist Saul Alinsky. The Chicago communist who literally wrote the book on "community organizing."

"Rules For Radicals" and Alinsky’s previous book "Reveille For Radicals" were the blueprint for the radical take over of America.

And many of those in the democrat party including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton studied Chicago’s Saul Alinsky intensely. Hillary wrote her senior collage thesis on Alinsky, and Barack Obama’s job at ACORN was teaching the Saul Alinsky methods of "community organizing." to the rent-a-mobs.

Basically, the 60's and 70's counterculture better described as counter revolutionaries, are in charge now. Communists all.

Also, remember that Barack Obama started his political career in the living room of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. And despite what David Axelrod was trying to sell during the 2008 election, Bill Ayers keeps up with his old radical buddies!

But before we go further, lets remember more history.

We all know that towards the end of four decades of the democrat party stranglehold on America things started crashing down with the presidency of James Earl Carter. Until now, considered the worst president in history.

Carter was horrible on every front. His foreign policy led to directly the formation of the Islamic Republican of Iran, the leading sponsor of terror worldwide. And unfortunately our current President seems to have a copy of Jimmy’s play book on foreign policy on his night stand right next to his dog eared copy of Alinsky’s "Rules!"

Carter also was a disaster domestically. His Community Re-Investment Act was something the ACORN rent-a-mobs went to town with by intimidating bankers to give loans to people who had no ability to repay them. This included physical intimidation. Of course, as we know now, Carter’s CRA was "supercharged" by President Bill Clinton, who brought Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on board. The resulting catastrophe is what we are all dealing with now.

And of course, like all democrats, Carter was a disaster on energy independence. His answer was to turn down the thermostat and put on a sweater. Just as ridiculous as Barack Obama’s "check the air in your tires" silliness.

It would be funny if we didn’t have so much oil, natural gas, and coal just begging to be used.

Pretty much anything economy wise under Carter was a disaster. Double digit unemployment, double digit interest rates, and high inflation. It was so horrible that the media actually thought up a "misery index" just so they could help explain how bad it was!

The good news was after four years of Carter, America said ENOUGH!

Ronald Wilson Reagan, one or our greatest Presidents, was elected in 1980. Now, Reagan still faced a hostile Congress. But he was able to forge coalition that saw him radically reverse a lot of the grave damage decades worth of democrats in power had caused the nation. But it took him 8 years to really turn it all around. That would lead to the greatest and longest period of economic growth in our nation’s history.

When America elected Bill Clinton in 1992, the young charismatic President started off just like our current one. This of course led to the second Reagan revolution, in Congress, that finally ended four decades of the democrat’s stranglehold on America.

Frankly, this saved Bill Clinton’s political career and his presidency. Like Obama, Clinton came into office with big dreams and wanting to "remake America" starting with his version of a government health care takeover.

Well, once the conservatives took over, and notice I said conservatives, because not all Republicans are conservative, but more on that later. Anyway, once the conservatives took over, they worked hard to get government back in line.

The Conservative Republican Congress gave us welfare reform and a host of cost savings. But most notably, they balanced the budget. Clinton got credit for all of this by the way.

I’m sure at this point you are asking why the stroll through memory lane. Well, it’s important to understand the past, to understand how we got to where we are at. How we got here, and where we might be going.

You see, those wonderful Republicans who took over Congress, and brought a measure of common sense to government, are no more. Oh sure, there are still some strong, honest, and sincere conservatives in Congress. In fact, there are some really bright lights that shine in that otherwise dark, dank, and corrupt body.

But, not nearly enough.

You see, some of the conservatives have left. Retirement as well as other opportunities. And of course, lost elections, have thinned the herd. But another problem, the really big problem, is that once there, a lot of these warriors who made a difference, got comfortable. They became part of the establishment.

Our founding fathers never intended for there to be a "ruling class" in America. They never in their wildest dreams wanted to see career politicians. George Washington himself set the tone when he voluntarily ended his presidency by not seeking another election victory.

It was intended by our founders that our elected leaders, who work for us by the way, would come and put in their time in service to the nation, and then go home! It was intended that these public servants would then live under the laws they themselves created. It was a beautiful vision. What better way to keep government restrained, as our founders intended, than to have the law makers return to being regular Joe’s (and now Jane’s) and have to live under the same conditions as the rest of the nation. Conditions they created.

And that leads us to where we are now.

I hate to be an alarmist. But, America is in grave danger. You remember the dangerous domestic terrorists I was talking about? The 60s and 70's radicals who completely bought into Marxism? The radical Saul Alinsky communists?

Well, they now run the country.

Now our more moderate friends out there get all crazy when you use the words communist and communism. They say it’s "too harsh." Well, it may be "harsh", but it’s the truth. As the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a communist!

All one has to do is the very minimum of research, which is effortless thanks to the technology you are using as you read these words, and you will learn that Barack Obama was raised and nurtured in the theories of Marx and Alinsky.

Obama’s peers and mentors throughout his life have openly embraced Marxism.

But, all of those labels are meaningless. It’s the actions of all of these people that is at issue. The plans and schemes of the democrat party, led by Barack Obama, are designed to take away your liberty and freedom. They are designed to make you subservient to the state. The exact opposite of what our Constitution is all about.

Let’s remember, while Obama and his crew are still playing the "blame everything on George Bush" game, they are the ones who have caused us to be where we are at.

The Republicans, due to their inability to stick to proven and time honored conservative principles of governing, lost Congress in 2006. In other words, the democrat party has been in charge of law making and budgets for two and a half years.

When the democrats took control of Congress, the economy was in good shape.

There were issues, especially with Fannie and Freddie, which the democrats continually blocked Republican efforts to fix, and rising energy costs, which are absolutely the fault of the democrats who have a "zero new energy produced in America" sort of policy. Never mind that we are one of the most natural resources rich nations on the planet, and could easily be totally self sufficient, energy wise, if we wanted to be.

But, even with all of the issues, unemployment was under 5 percent, which was lower than the average of the entire 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's!

Our GDP had slowed, but was still growing. Inflation was low. The Stock market was setting all sorts of records.

But, the dishonest media, which had been pounding it into the public’s mind that we had a horrible economy for a long time, was finally able to convince enough poor souls that day was night, and up was down.

Since the democrats have taken control of Congress, our economy has nosedived. Some states have unemployment as high as 15 percent. The stock market almost crashed. The entire economy is in reverse.

Some say it was mighty convenient that the potato salad hit the fan at the exact same time we were in the final days of the 2008 election. But I’ll leave that for the conspiracy theorists to sort out.

Here is the real point of this long winded rant. America is under assault. Our very way of life is being destroyed. Our Constitution is being ignored. We have a President and a Congress full of democrats who absolutely hate the America that most of us grew up in. The America that was proud. The America that was strong. The America that was brave. The America that believed in the strength of the individual. The America that was optimistic. The America that was the beacon of liberty and freedom to the entire world.

The America that Ronald Reagan called the shining city on a hill.

The democrats in power, the Statists, as Mark Levin calls them, don’t see America this way, never have. They have never come to grips with the fact that America is the single greatest force for good this world has ever known. We have in our short history, literally protected the entire world, nations as old as time, from great evil.

To the Statist, it is America that is evil, unjust, and unworthy. Witness Barack Obama’s 2009 Apology Tour of the World! We’ve got Hilary Clinton, bless her heart, apologizing to China and India for OUR contribution to the imaginary "global warming" crisis! China a nation whose rivers have been known to turn some very intriguing colors from the various chemicals being dumped in them. And India with air thicker than the legendary San Francisco fog!

The current government sees America and her Constitution as fatally flawed. Thanks to the gradual take over of our educational system, starting with our colleges and universities, by Marxists and other radicals, the current majority government, the democrats, were nurtured and marinated in this anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-liberty and freedom way of thinking.

And Barack Obama is the crown jewel of this movement.

If someone purposely took a child at birth, and devoted their time grooming them to be the perfect embodiment of Marxism, the perfect communist. The perfect Saul Alinsky "community organizer." If these people then moved heaven and earth to place him in the position to be President of the United States the most powerful position on earth. If someone purposely set out to do this, they couldn’t do a better job than what has already been done with Barack Obama.

Frankly, if you are reading this, you already know instinctively that America is big, big trouble. You already know the issues. You know about the insane cap and tax scheme to destroy jobs and industry, and impose the largest tax increase ever foisted on mankind. All in the name of a fake "problem."

You also understand that Obama and his crew are trying to destroy the greatest health care on earth. If you have started reading the details of the bill the House wants to pass, you will see this is nothing less than an end run around the Constitution in the crazed democrats’ effort to control every facet of your life.

Hey, it’s what the do. It’s in their DNA.

Look, I’m an old car guy and as one of my personal heroes Lee Iaccoca always said: "Don’‘t forget to ask for the sale!"

So, this is me "asking for the sale."

As Americans, free Americans, we have a duty to protect this nation. We have a duty to protect our freedoms and the freedoms of our fellow Americans. We have a duty to protect liberty at any cost.

This is advanced citizenship, but it is vital that you understand that the time to set around and lament, to moan and groan, is over.



We are at a defining moment in time. We are at the cusp of history. America is teetering at the ledge of total destruction. Economic destruction. Social destruction. The total usurpation of the Constitution, our supreme law. The total destruct of freedom and liberty.

It is your duty as an American to get off the couch, and get into the game. No longer can you sit idly watching this all take place. It’s time to become part of the new counterculture.

As conservatives, we make up one of the largest groups in America. Conservatives are not Republican or democrat, although there are conservatives in both parties. Conservatives are men and women. Conservatives are black and white, and Hispanic, and every race in between Conservatism isn’t a political philosophy. Conservatism is a way of life. A philosophy that is grounded in liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility.

We are what used to be called the "silent majority."

We have the strength in numbers. Now is the time to use that strength, to use that power.

Now, I don’t advocate violence. Leave that sort of thing to the other side.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t fight back with ever ounce of our souls!

Here’s what you must do. Not should do, but MUST do.

As a freedom loving American, it is your duty to become as informed as you can. Stop paying attention to the old media. Dig harder to find out the facts. Again, the machine you are reading this on is a perfect tool of knowledge, if you use it.

It is your duty to go out and grab ever other American around you, and help them understand the grave danger they are in. The grave danger America is in. It is your duty to talk to people who always say "I don’t do politics" and make them understand that their very liberty and freedom depends on them "doing politics!"

You have to start a real counter-counter revolution in your surroundings. Among those you know. Those friends and family must then be encouraged to do the same! No stone should be left unturned, and no person passed over. Shout it from the roof tops, if you must!

Get involved with like minded people. The internet is great for that. Plenty of networking opportunities. But those are useless unless you get out there and actually DO something.

As conservatives, we naturally drift towards the GOP. After all, it’s our natural home. However, the moderate, squishy, touchy-feely "democrat-lite" Republicans have been in control of the party for some time. There are many who want to walk away and start a new party. In fact, a very large group is praying that Sarah Palin does just that and makes both parties irrelevant.

I doubt she would entertain that, and it would be a disaster.

We can retake our party. Remember, politicians work for us, not the other way around.

As in every election, in 2010, every single member of the House of Representatives is up for re-election. Now I know, there are a lot of scorched earthers out there that just want to throw everyone out and start over, but that is insanity. In fact, the House is where a good many real conservatives live. Just not enough.

Here’s what you must do, and encourage absolutely everyone you know, or ever met to do. You must look at the record of the man or woman who represents you in the House. You may not agree with everything they do, but look at them as a whole. If they are doing right, if they are principled conservatives. Good. If they are not, you and everyone you know needs to come up with a real conservative, one with Reagan’s principles, to run for that seat.

Now, if your representative is good to go, help support them. And, if possible, look at the districts that surround you. Maybe you have the perfect person, but one county over, they have a bad one. If there is a real conservative running, support them any way you can. If possible, even help find one to run if one isn’t already!

The Senate is going to be a real challenge, and the GOP, isn’t helping. They have decided to back some moderate candidates over real conservatives, because they think the moderate has a better chance at winning.

Like that strategery hasn’t been a complete disaster forever!

What’s the use of electing a moderate who will vote with democrats on some of the most defining issues in our nation’s history?

Support the conservatives! Do whatever you can, and encourage others to do the same.

The bottom line is this. We can take the party back, we can take Congress back, we can take the White House back, and we can take America back.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you are only one person, and do not matter. You have the power, thanks to the God given liberty and freedom guaranteed in our Constitution, to effect real hope and real change.

Get in the game. Join with others. Protest the evils, like cap and tax, and the destruction of our health care system, the finest on earth. Go to a tea party. Go to a rally. Be bold!

This is advanced citizenship. Go feel the exhilaration of standing up for what is right!

And bring all your friends!


  1. YOU WROTE: "And don’t dismiss the fact that as a youngster in Hawaii, Barack Obama was tutored by Chicago native, communist, Black Panther, and confessed pedophile, Frank Marshall Davis."

    I believe you are misinformed. Davis was neither a Black Panther nor a confessed pedophile. Do you have any proof of these claims?

    BTW: Opinion is not proof. Primary source evidence is proof. Follow the evidence.

  2. In fact, had you followed the link provided.....

    It's a well known fact that Frank Marshall Davis was a sexual deviant. And, he wrote extensively about it, including his love of underage girls. (13 and below)

    And there is plenty of information about Davis out there, including the fact he was a Panther, and a communist.

    But thanks for playing.

  3. Proof, please. Linking to an opinion in a UK Telegraph story does not prove that he was a Panther or a pedophile. The Telegraph story only "proves" that he wrote a pornographic story, not that he was a deviant or loved underage girls.

    Calling Davis a pedophile based on his novel makes no more sense than calling David Letterman a pedophile based on his joke. Both lies are widespread in the right-wing blogosphere, and reflect the pinnacle of intellectual dishonesty. Both misrepresent the core values of artists by spreading falsehoods that gullible readers accept as truth, and who then spread further in good faith.

    Such misrepresentation exploits mainstream unawareness of literary styles such as the semiautobiographic novel (see, memoir-novel (see and the first-person narrative (see, by claiming that the artist actually experienced fictional events when it serves their disinformation purposes. Deliberate misrepresentation is the foundation of disinformation campaigns, such as the campaign against Barack Obama and Davis.

    The pornography disinformation against Frank Marshall Davis is just as heinous as the political disinformation. At a minimum, it indicates a cognitive disorder manifested by an inability to distinguish fact from fiction, in the manner of soap opera fans who blame actors for their characters' misdeeds. Further, it suggests that those making such false accusations may be projecting their own libidinous psychological disorders onto Davis.

    Let us evaluate the empirical evidence with dispassionate objectivity, rather than accepting unsubstantiated accusations and deliberate misrepresentation from pundits of questionable integrity. "Proof" consists of primary source documents (i.e., Davis's writings).

    As a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer with specific training in Deception Analysis by the C.I.A. in 1989, I am researching political disinformation. I am familiar with disinformation campaigns, starting with Operation Fortitude protecting the D-Day invasion, through Operation Left Hook protecting the coalition drive into Kuwait, and deconstructing “deliberate misrepresentation” of the Iraqi threat this century.

    Here we have redbaiting, race-baiting, and now crime-baiting, where Davis is misrepresented as an avowed communist, racist, and criminal monster, in the creation of a straw man through which Obama is easy to attack through guilt-by-association. This disinformation campaign fits the pattern where Nazis deliberately misrepresented the Jews, the Bush administration deliberately misrepresented Iraq, and now conservatives disgracefully, despicably, and deliberately misrepresent Frank Marshall Davis, all to justify their attacks on Barack Obama with false accusations.

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  6. Sorry, your inane rambling just wore me out.

    Yes, Frank Marshall Davis moved to Hawaii in 1948. And? Even in 1948 it was possible to communicate with people far, far away. The Panthers were, and are a national organization.

    As for the sex part, it isn't just his book. This stuff is pretty well known. Google can be your friend, but here are some great links.

    As for your charge of race baiting, grow up. I guess you didn't read the part where I praise Dr Martin Luther King as a true reformer. A true leader.

    Remember, King was a Republican killed by a democrat, something today's race hustlers never want to acknowledge.

    Frank Mashall Davis was a criminal. Barack Obama is a criminal, and so is his buddy Bill Ayers.

    And the only race baiters I see are people like yourself and, well Barack Obama and his ilk. Didn't take long for Obama to go after a white police officer for doing his job, did it?

    Nope, he sided with that self righteous loser who had insulted the cops to no end for doing their JOB.

    This isn't about race my little warped friend, this is about stopping a bunch of thugs from destroying liberty and freedom. This is about stopping Obama and the rest of his crazed party from destroying America.

    And frankly, if you were ever in the military, much less the CIA, I'm Ginger Rogers!

  7. It's a pity you do not have the courage to honestly examine empirical evidence instead of relying on the lies of your favorite pundits. Evidently, you were never in the military.

    I served in the Air Force from 1968 to 1993 and served in Vietnam. I never said I was "in the CIA." You seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. I graduated from the CIA course while I was assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1989. My credentials are posted at

    It's a pity Americans are so easily hoodwinked by this right-wing disinformation, just like we were duped by the Bush administration regarding the Iraqi threat. But even today, some Americans would rather believe fully discredited lies than admit they were duped. They don't have the courage to admit their mistakes. For everyone else: "Follow the evidence."