Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Levi Johnston Dead Beat Dad Of The Year

I’m not a fan of Levi Johnston. But as Father’s Day will soon be upon us, I feel this is a fitting award!

Why am I bringing this up, and what does this have to with my usual theme of choices in politics and life? Well, it should be obvious. Life is all about choices. Some good, some bad, and some just plain disgusting.

Levi is rapidly falling into the disgusting category.

We’ve all had failed relationships in our life. Some of us, especially when we were young, had a few. Most of us didn’t leave a child behind in those relationships. But out of those that did, most stepped up to the plate and did the right thing by the kid.

Which brings me to an e-mail from a friend. “Levi seen cashing two $500 checks from National Enquirer at Wasilla Wal-Mart!” Not exactly news, I mean we all understand Levi is prostituting himself out for “fame and fortune”.

But it brings up some questions. While Levi is out playing “rock star for the day”, who is taking care of his son full time, working to pay for his son’s diapers, while continuing her education?

While Levi is out schmoozing, or hunting and fishing, who is changing dirty diapers and taking care of his son?

And what about Levi’s new found celebrity?

Here’s an uneducated, unemployed, kid. A kid that ain’t even looking for a job. And yet, since he has become such a well known man-about-town, he has traded in his fairly new Chevrolet pick up, for a more upscale Ford. He also has new Jeep. It now seems Levi has supposedly put a deposit down on a Mercedes-Benz in Anchorage!

Now being a reformed car guy, I can tell you that folks don’t just put down a deposit on hope! (Or change)

So you tell me, where does all of Levi’s money come from? I mean this is an unemployed high school drop out! Cars cost money, flashy clothes cost money, and jet setting across the nation costs a lot of money, especially with an accused drug dealing mother and a sister who seems a little to “attentive” for my taste, in tow.

One answer may very well be Rex Butler.

Butler is a high powered Alaska attorney and Barack Obama supporter. He is representing Levi’s mother, Sherry Johnston on her 6 felony counts of drug trafficking. He also appears to be Levi’s manager of sorts.

Eddie Burke, from the Eddie Burke Show, discusses this situation at length. Evidently, long time Butler muscle for hire Sherman “Tank” Jones is now Levi’s bodyguard!

Our friends over at Conservatives 4 Palin describe this pair as “money grubbing smear merchants.” Which seems to describe the entire left wing up in the land of the midnight sun. I’ve written extensively about some of the insane bloggers who have co-ordinated many attacks on Governor Palin, and C4P calls them some of them out, as well, in their story on Butler and Jones.

It is said that Butler is representing Sherry Johnson and Levi “pro-bono.” But that doesn’t sound right. I mean what is in it for Butler? Now I can see an attorney, helping out a local out with a small, or even large problem for free, so long as they didn’t have to break a sweat. But...

Now, it has been well established that Barack Obama and his chief of staff Pete Rouse were a driving force behind the phony troopergate witch hunt, and as a reward for a job well done, Pete Rouse’s good friend, Alaska Senator Kim Elton, who ram-rodded the smear campaign was given a make work job over in the Department of the Interior, in Barack Obama’s administration.

Could Butler be expecting some sort of payoff down the line? That certainly seems to be the Chicago way!

I honestly don’t know. But I know this. New Ford trucks, Jeeps, and Mercedes-Benz automobiles cost a lot of money. Money that an uneducated, unemployed kid generally wouldn’t have.

Levi decided to forgo being a stand up guy when it came to taking care of his child. Instead he has decided to spend his youth stripping for GQ magazine, and trashing the mother of his child on national television, by appearing on the Tyra Banks Show, as well as Larry King Live. (I’m sure his son will be so proud to know this when he grows up)

Now, when asked, Tyra banks said in no uncertain terms that the show did not pay for Levi, and family, to appear on the show, nor provide for expenses.

Plane tickets cost money. Hotels in New York City cost money. Eating in New York City costs money. Just moving around the city costs money, even if you assume the shows sent a car to bring the Johnston family to the studios.

So, where is all of this money coming from?

While two $500 checks from National Enquirer is certainly income, it’s not much. And if Levi was a man, instead of a boy, he would have given one of those checks to Bristol, to help care for his son.

Which brings me to this. Why doesn’t Levi stop playing “teen idol” and man-up? Well, if this boy actually went out and got a job, he’d have to give up half of it in child support, that’s why! This loser knows the second he becomes a productive member of society, he will be forced to take responsibility for his son.

Levi seems to think that if he has no job, no visible means of support, that he has no responsibilities. Maybe he figures 50% of nothing, is nothing.

Of course, as far as being a real man, 100% of Levi is still nothing!

Do the right thing Levi, get a job, and provide for your child. You are only a useful idiot to the left. As soon as they use you up, they'll forget you. Your son, on the other hand is precious, and needs his father to be a stand up guy!

Levi, It is a time for you to choose!

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  1. Levi qualifies merely for the title of "ultimate scum of the earth" .. he, apparently, believes that the title "father" gives him more pizzazz than it should ..