Monday, June 15, 2009

The Alaska Fund Trust - Conservatives4Palin Webathon

Sarah Palin is one of the most significant figures in America today. The Governor from Alaska became a true phenomenon when she burst on the scene after being chosen as John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

Of course, those in the know already understood that Sarah Palin stands for everything that is right with America. Those of us who have followed her since her first days as Governor understand just how strong of a leader she is.

Sarah captivated America in her short time on the big stage. She currently has one of the largest grass roots followings of any politician in America. She draws huge crowds wherever she goes. People understand what she is about and see her as the principled leader America needs.

So, since the Governor has went back home, the long knives have come out. The coordinated attacks from the hate bloggers Amanda Coyne, Shannyn Moore, and Geoffrey Dunn over at the Huffington Post have been in high dudgeon, as have the rest of the left wing media.

But the real damage is being done by the paid DNC bloggers, like Linda Kellen Biegel, and her friends, as well as people like Andree McLeod, Sondra Tomkins, Chip Thoma, and others, who have made a game of filing bogus ethics complaints against Governor Palin.

And we are talking absolutely ridiculous complaints.

Now all of these have been thrown out. But, they have not only cost the state of Alaska over $300,000 to process, they have cost Governor Palin around $500,000 personally, to defend herself. Money she does not have.

The Palins aren't rich people. In fact, she turned down a raise this year, that would have seen her $125,000 a year salary go to $150,000. She felt at a time she was calling for budget cuts, a $25,000 a year pay raise would not be right.

In fact, the budget to run her office, so far, is about a million dollars less that either of the two previous Governors expenses were.

Sarah Palin needs our help.

Recently Sarah set up the Alaska Defense Fund to raise money to help pay her legal bills. The rules are pretty restrictive, and the amount you can give is limited to only $150 per person.

Oh, and before you ask, our "friend" Andree McLeod filed an ethics complaint because Sarah set this legal defense fund up!

I kid you not!

With all of this in mind, Conservatives 4 Palin has announced a webathon to retire her debt.

This web based effort will run from June 15th thru June 22, 2009

The concept is simple. Please donate what you can to the Alaska Defense Fund. Then e-mail C4P at and let them know what you have donated. They will keep a running total on their website.

The left wants to destroy Sarah Palin. They aren't stupid despite how they may look and act. They understand that Sarah is a direct threat to all they worship, and is by far the odds on favorite to be the next President.

Sarah Palin is everything the liberals pretend to be, but never achieve. She is intelligent, hard working and incredibly successful. She has a loving family. She is also unabashedly pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-God! She is the all American girl who we all dream of in our youth! The one you WOULD take home to mama!

The liberals cannot compete with Sarah Palin in the marketplace of ideas, so they must try and destroy her before she has another shot at the White House.

That's exactly what David Letterman's filthy "joke" was all about last week. To go after her with so much hate, and filth, not only for her, but her young children, that she will just give up, and not run. They want to make it so tough that she will just go away.

They don't know much about Sarah Palin though!

Rush Limbaugh on his radio show today said it best::

"If you want to know, the left will tell you everything you want to know, if you listen to them. The far left, the left, the Democrat Party will tell you everything you want to know. And I just need to ask you one question. Of all the potential Republican presidential candidates that people could name for 2012, which one sends the Democrat Party, the media, the Comedian Community, and everybody else into an absolute insane tizzy? It is Sarah Palin. Why? Because they're scared. And why are they scared? They're afraid of her. They're afraid of that 20,000 people she can draw anywhere, any time, when she shows up to make an appearance. They're afraid of her because she can win. They're afraid of her because she could beat Barack Obama. That's why they trash her. That's why they're trying to destroy her. It's not because she embarrasses them. It's because she frightens them. Listen to the left, listen to the media if you want to find out what they think 'cause they'll tell you every time."


To paraphrase Abraham Lincolin, we need Sarah Palin, she fights!

We need to fight just as hard!

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