Friday, July 29, 2011

Profile In Courage Mitt Romney FINALLY Weighs In On Boehner's Bill AFTER IT PASSES!

By Gary P Jackson

For days Mitt Romney has ducked and dodged the question of where he stands on Speaker of the House John Boehner's plan to do something to reign in the Obama regime and democrat spending that has run wild.

Well, praise Gaia, Romney FINALLY issues this .... well .... limp, lame, and rather embarrassing statement, via Facebook:

Despite President Obama's failure of leadership, House GOP took a strong stance to hold the line on spending & reject Obama’s tax hikes

Man that's some leadership right there! Can't you just feel the passion! Reminds me our the time our courageous boy wonder endorsed New Mexico's Governor Susana Martinez AFTER she won her election.

Remember, our betters in the Ruling Class tell us this jackwagon is the best and brightest they have to offer. According to them, Romney is the smartest guy in the room when it comes to all things economic.

This, dear readers, is why our nation is so messed up. Too many just like this clown already in Washington.

Thankfully someone is leading the debate and has been for about three years now. Been very consistent with her message.

Hey Mitt, maybe you should read our latest: Round-up: Sarah Palin On The Debt Ceiling Debate and learn what real leadership is all about.

Oh, by the way, Sarah Palin endorsed Susana Martinez well before her election, when it actually mattered!

Just for Mitt:

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