Monday, April 11, 2011

Looks Like Romney is Channeling John Kerry With His Presidential Announcement

Well, at least he isn't talking about "Winning The Future" but still .... WTF?

As you know, Romney launched his presidential bid on Monday. [on the eve of the fifth anniversary of RomneyCare no less] Romney's slogan is a pretty lame "Believe In America." Yeah, Mitt, the problem is not enough people believe in America, right? Pathetic.

Of course, if this slogan sounds familiar, it's because you've heard it before, from another Massachusetts liberal, John Kerry. "Believe In America" was the theme of John Kerry's losing presidential bid. You'd think if Mitt was gonna borrow a campaign slogan from someone, it would have at least been a winning one!

Look, I know thinking up a catchy slogan can be hard, especially when you are they type that focus groups and poll tests every move you make, but still.

Here's the thing. I think Romney chose to borrow this from liberal John Kerry because liberal is Romney's default position. His father, George Romney was an eastern liberal and a member of the Republican establishment. Like father like son.

Every time I see the photo below of Romney laughing it up with Teddy Kennedy, as his signs the nation's first socialized medicine legislation into law, I ask myself: Why is Romney a Republican? You look at the guy's record and wonder why he isn't in the democrat party where he belongs. As Governor he acted like a democrat, and is the father of socialized medicine in America.

With his record, he'd have more credibility if he ran as a democrat and primaried Obama! After all, he's using a fellow democrat's slogan. He's obviously more comfortable with eastern liberals than Conservative America.

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