Monday, April 11, 2011

As Mitt Announces Presidential Run: Democrats To Plan Celebrate The Fifth Anniversary Of Romneycare

By Gary P Jackson

One has to wonder how tone deaf Mitt Romney really is.

Nothing in recent memory has angered the public as has ObamaCare, the unconstitutional take over of America's health care system. More than half of the states are suing the Obama regime over this mess, and it's already been declared unconstitutional in federal court. And yet, with the looming fifth anniversary of the disastrous implementation of Mitt Romney's monster .... RomneyCare .... which has been widely credited as the blueprint used to create ObamaCare, Mitt announces his presidential run!

Oh, and check out his nifty stylized "R"! It's even worse looking than this!

From Cubachi:

On the fifth anniversary of the passage of Romneycare, the democrats are setting up a party Tuesday to mark the occasion, including a "Thank You Mitt Romney" cake.

In New Hampshire, Democrat party officials are urging supporters to tweet Romney to thank him for standing "shoulder-to-shoulder with Senator Kennedy to sign Massachusetts’ historic health care reform law."

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I'll be honest. I simply don't get it. Romney has more baggage that Southwest Airlines hauls in a day. So many flip flops he makes John Kerry [who served in Vietnam] look principled. His record as Governor is case study in how NOT to do things. Can someone please tell my exactly how Mitt Romney has a path to the White House? Even without RomneyCare wrapped tightly around this guy like a shroud of shame, there is absolutely nothing that says this guy is qualified to lead the nation. Nothing.

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