Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sarah Palin And Frozen Al Gore

This comes from the really just too good not to talk about file.

Compeau’s the Fairbanks, Alaska boat, snowmachine, and ATV dealer has an ongoing effort to expose the utter ridiculousness of the global warming hoax. From their website about this photo:

Sarah Palin stopped by to see the Frozen (Al) Gore ice sculpture in Fairbanks, in February 2009,

along with daughter Piper, husband Todd (on right) and Craig Compeau.

(The Frozen Gore sculpture, crafted in January 2009, made it until May 1 before melting.)

Check out the Arctic Fox in her Arctic Cat jacket! I guess the "
official DNC blogger for Alaska"
was laying down on the job, or she’d have file an ethics complaint over this deal!

Here’s what the guys are up to at Compeau’s today:

Okay, so Frozen Gore was so popular last winter that we are at it again!

Help us decide what sculpture to introduce to the globe this winter by submitting your idea using the form below. Suggestions should relate to the global warming issue. Compeau's will donate heating oil to the town of Tetlin, AK (where it unofficially hit -80F last winter), in the winner's name.

This is what is great about this bunch. They can poke fun at Al Gore, help expose the greatest lie ever told, and help out fellow Alaskan’s all at the same time!

In case you didn’t know, heating oil in Alaska is expensive with a capital E!

You can check out their website here. Give ‘em some good ideas and maybe your name will be connected with helping some needy, and cold, Alaskan’s out.

Below is a cool (pardon the pun) video of sculptor Stephen H. Dean creating this masterpiece, followed by some interesting commentary on the weather trends in the area. A must see.

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