Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sarah Palin: This Is Our Morning In America

SarahPAC just released this brand new video, announcing that it is indeed, Morning In America! A new day, a hopeful day. In the video, narrated by Sarah Palin, we are treated to an optimistic vision of the future. A future filled with success and freedom.

This video also gives a glimpse of what sort of campaign Sarah will wage, should she run for President. In the  tradition of the great Ronald Reagan, Sarah is going to be bold, painting her vision in bright bold colors, not drab, pale pastels.

The numbers are not final, as some races are still to close to call, but after endorsing 94 candidates in local, state, and national elections, 60 won, 27 lost, and 7 are still undecided as of this writing.

Sarah had a special "Take Back The 20" effort, targeting 20 democrats who won House races in 2008 in districts she and Mccain won. The results of all of the races brake down as such:

Take Back The 20: 18 winners, 1 loss, 1 undecided

Governors endorsed: 9 winners, 1 loss, 1 undecided

United States Senators: 7winners, 3 losses, 1undecided

United States House of Representatives: 44 winners, 23 losses, 5 undecided

Sarah also endorsed three state's Attorneys General with Texas' Gregg Abbott and Florida's Pam Bondi winning.

Beth Chapman, an other endorsee, won re-election as Alabama's Secretary of State, though Scott Henderson who was running for the State House in Hawaii lost.

You can see the entire list of endorsed candidates at Texas For Sarah Palin.

Organize4Palin has Sarah's Class of 2010 with complete details as well.

These sort of results are unprecedented. Proof that Sarah Palin is a great leader and knows how to choose a winning team.

You can help keep this winning effort going too. Stop by SarahPAC today:

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