Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Time For Choosing Named “Hardest Hitting Blog” For 2009

We were both surprised and incredibly humbled to learn on New Year’s Eve that this blog, A Time For Choosing, was named as Texas for Sarah Palin’sHardest Hitting Blog of 2009" by Josh Painter, the editor and publisher of the Texas for Sarah Palin and The Book of Sarah websites:

Palin Blog Awards for 2009

We present our purely arbitrary Palin Blog Awards, as Texas for Sarah Palin recognizes some of our fellow bloggers for their outstanding work in 2009.

New Media Technology Award: Lisa Graas, editor of Palin Twibe Blog, for incorporating Twitter as a powerful and complimentary tool for blogging.

More Than a Blog Award: Conservatives for Palin - What started out as a blog is now much more than a blog. C4P is also a forum and a social networking site for

Sarah Smile Award: Whitney's The LOTUS (
Laptop of the United States), is creative, humorous and very well written.

Keeper of the Faith Award: Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth, who like Sarah Palin, always practices what she preaches.

Dedicated to Sarah Award: We know of no blogger more dedicated and harder working than Ron Devito at Sarah Palin's Accomplishments. Ron excels at multi-tasking, as anyone who's ever had a phone conversation with him can affirm. ;-)

Hardest Hitting Blog Award: Gary P. Jackson's
A Time For Choosing. Gary doesn't pull any punches.

Best New Blog Award: Rachelle Friberg's Conservative Girl With a Voice. Rachelle has a masters degree in journalism, and it shows in her excellent writing.

Best Palin Blog of 2009: That, dear readers, is for you to decide.

Each and every Palin blog is unique and reflects the editor and contributors who make it so. Each and every Palin blog, blogger and contributor deserves an award for helping to get the truth out about Sarah Palin. We wish we had time to recognize each one individually here, but we don't. These blogs are, however, listed in the links sections in the column to your right. Each one is worth your visit.

- JP

As someone who started writing as nothing more than a way to satisfy a burning desire to be heard, to make a difference, I can only again say that I am incredibly humbled to accept this award.

This blog, named for Ronald Reagan’s iconic 1964 RNC speech of the same name, and dedicated to advancing the Ronald Reagan/Sarah Palin brand of real conservatism and American greatness, is the work of a lot of people behind the scenes who both inspire and contribute, with tips, quotes, and information. Everyone knows who they are and they all have my undying gratitude for everything they do.

To the thousands of readers who stop by and take a look, we promise to live up to our reputation of never pulling any punches, and calling it as we see it. We also pledge to keep bringing you the facts, and back those facts up, along with our own analysis, and random thoughts as well.

As we roll into 2010 and beyond, we plan on being very busy with many projects. We plan to play a role in the midterm elections, both here in Texas, as well as nationally.

It goes without saying that we will also continue to bring you the latest from Sarah Palin, one of our nation’s finest leaders, and the bravest person in politics today. A woman who inspires the nation to achieve greatness again. A leader who has us seeing that shining city on a hill on the horizon.

Lastly, as we thank Josh Painter for this thoughtful award, we’d like to invite everyone to visit
Texas for Palin on a regular basis, as it is one of the finest Sarah Palin blogs out there, and to my good friends and fellow Sarah Palin bloggers and award winners, congratulations on your incredible works. Each and every one of you advance the cause of freedom and liberty on a daily basis, again, I am humbled to be considered in the same company.

To our readers, by all means, you must take time to visit each and every award winning blog. Every author brings a unique look at our world, offers great insight, inspiration, and yes, even a little fun!

In closing, hang on everyone, 2010 is going to be wild, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Gary P.

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