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Sarah Palin: Speaker Pelosi: Your Blue Dogs Are Howling

Sarah is up bright and early this morning, no doubt enjoying the crisp Wisconsin air. Rather than muck it up with a bunch of commentary, let's get right to it:

Today at 6:47am

Like many Americans, I’m very concerned about the efforts underway to rush through the 2,000 page Pelosi health care bill this weekend. Why the rush? That’s a lot of pages to read. Why not give everyone the chance to read it and debate it?

How much will this bill cost us? It’s unclear because the figures coming out of Washington keep changing – and always in the direction of costing more, not less. The latest numbers show it will cost more than a trillion dollars over the decade, but when has a government program ever come in on or under budget?

How will we pay for it? Taxes, of course – and not just on the “rich” (you know, the people who spur the economy by buying goods and running companies that employ people), but also on just about everyone, especially small businesses – the job-creating engine of our economy. One of the points of health care reform was to help small businesses with the cost, but this bill hurts them – and right at a time when so many Americans are out of work and need the jobs that small businesses produce.

What’s in this bill? The “death panel” provision is in it. Medicare cuts are in it. Coverage of illegal immigrants is in it. And federal funding for abortion is in it. I commend the many Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats who are taking a principled stance to fight this.

I had a message for Speaker Pelosi in a speech I gave last night for the Wisconsin Right to Life – “please, please don’t break the ‘transparency promise’ by prohibiting at least a vote of your colleagues on funding abortion-on-demand.”

Speaker Pelosi has already broken many promises thus far in this “reform” exercise. She promised that this would be a bi-partisan effort, but the bill she’s pushing isn’t bi-partisan. She promised that the final version of the bill would be posted online 72 hours before it comes to a vote so that the American people could clearly see what’s in it and how we will pay for it. But she broke that promise too when she decided to rush the bill to a vote this weekend.

The speaker must be held accountable for her broken promises. Now is the time for Americans who believe in the free market and who believe that we need policies that promote job growth instead of job loss to say once and for all, “Enough!” Stand up and make your voices heard before it’s too late. Call and email your representatives and tell them to vote “no” on Pelosi’s train wreck of a health care bill, or else we will vote “no” to sending them back to Washington when we go to the polls in less than 12 months.

- Sarah Palin

PS: For an idea of the bureaucratic maze that the Pelosi bill would create, take a look at this new chart put out by the Joint Economic Committee.

As usual, Sarah pulls no punches. She's telling the democrats in no uncertain terms that a vote for health care is as good as giving their employers, us, "notice" that they are no longer interested in being employed!

For those that may have missed it, Sarah is in Wisconsin this morning after giving a great speech with the Wisconsin Right To Life Crowd. While there will be more reporting on this to come, K. Carpenter over at Conservatives 4 Palin was there and has some great commentary:

First of all, let me start with how Governor Palin looked tonight. We all know that she is a beautiful woman, but that does not come close to describing how she looked. She was stunningly beautiful tonight. Maybe better than I have ever seen her look when I have seen her in person.


The Governor wore her hair down, with the sides pulled back. Her hair has grown quite long over the last year. It looked fantastic.

As far as the numbers geeks are concerned, there were probably around 5,000 people there. The speech lasted about 35 to 40 minutes.

Most importantly, her smile was back bigger and brighter than any have seen in a while. To me, the most striking part of her appearance was her eyes. She has the glimmer back and her eyes were dancing around the room. She looks healthy, happy and full of life.

As she stepped to the microphone when the cheering began to die down, the Governor’s first thoughts were on America’s military forces. After asking all of our current military and veterans to stand, she asked for a moment of silence. She told us that during the moment of silence she would be saying a prayer and invited us all to do the same. After the moment of silence for the soldiers currently serving at Fort Hood, she immediately thanked our military personnel for their service to a raucous round of applause and cheers for our military.

The Governor then spoke briefly about her attachment to the state of Wisconsin. I believe she stated that one of her grandfathers was born in Chippewa Falls and her father went to school with Jerry Kramer (a Packer football star in the early 60’s).

Governor Palin then began to tell a story of a conversation she and one of her friends in Alaska had a few weeks ago. Her friend had picked up a couple of the relatively new $1 dollar gold colored coins. They were discussing what was missing off of the front of the coins. Those four little words that have gotten America through her most troubling moments, “In God we trust”. As she observed; those four little words have been pushed off to the side of the coin. No longer prominently displayed on the face of the coin but those words have now been hidden on the outer edge of the coin. As she observed, this is kind of where we, as a Nation, have shoved God in our own lives. She even stated that she had kind of done that with her own pro life movement. Yes, she was always pro-life but it was not really something she prominently displayed until she became pregnant with Trig.

Oh boy, when she talks about Trig, her entire persona just lights up. You can tell this woman is completely in love with that little boy. Governor Palin admitted that she was afraid before Trig was born on how she would handle a little boy with special needs. She also mentioned how she and Todd chose to work through the problems together.

The governor also spoke briefly about Bristol and the choices she had to make and the love and joy that Tripp has brought to their lives. Clearly, Governor Palin is very proud of her daughter and her grandson that is almost a year old. Governor Palin stated that people make mistakes but a beautiful child came as a result of that mistake. A mistake is no reason to take a life.

There were plenty of religious references that would send the lefties into spasms. It was rather refreshing to see someone speak of their religious beliefs at a political event. She even read John 16:13 to the crowd: "But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative..."

To my fellow pro-lifers, this passage makes sense to all of us. The governor’s speech was so passionate and so full of love for all of God’s children. As she stated many like to call us “anti-freedom or anti-abortion”, but the truth is that we are “pro-children.”

Something else to make the liberal heads spin, she then progressed into the health care reform bill. Questioning why it is that lawmakers will not take the time to read the bill. Governor Palin also spoke of the need for Speaker Pelosi to allow an amendment to bar American taxpayers from having to pay for abortions.

This line of speaking brought us to my favorite line that the Governor stated this evening: Abortion is NOT health care.

Personally, this was my favorite line. These words are so very true. A baby is not something simple like a wart that you can just have removed; it is a life and that life should not be treated like every other health issue. (The whole wart analogy was mine, not the governor’s. I did get her point, though.)

Governor Palin spoke at length about the Pope, John Paul II. Pope John Paul II had a real passion for life. Wisconsin is pretty heavily Catholic and the crowd went nuts each time she referenced some of the passionate words the Pope spoke in on the issue of life.

The governor even spoke about “panels” of bureaucrats making health care decisions for the elderly. The governor also promised that health care rationing is coming if this health care bill is passed in its current form. You could see the light dancing in her eyes as she spoke of the “panels of bureaucrats.” That was fun to watch.

The Governor also spoke about the real “change we can believe in” when it came to advances made by Wisconsin’s pro-life movement. Earlier in the evening we had seen some charts showing that Wisconsin’s abortion rates have gone down by over 50% in the last fifteen years.

The speech was simply fantastic and advanced the “right to life” movement. The speech was well organized and easy to follow. It ran the span of life, beginning in the womb and moving all the way up to fighting for the life of our elderly and those that cannot take care of themselves.

This was probably the most passionate and heartfelt speech I have ever seen the Governor give. She stayed on the point that we must continue to fight for life. All life is worth fighting for; from pre-born stages and all the way to up to our elderly.

Governor Palin left us with these words: "Don’t ever let anyone tell you to sit down and shut up!”

You can read the rest of Carpenter's account of the evening here.

All in all, it's looks like Sarah, to quote our current President, is "fired up, ready to go!"

I'll leave you with this classic while we wonder how Nancy's Blue Dogs will respond:

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