Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sarah Palin's Powerful Message From India

It’s not impossible for a woman to become the President of the U.S. In fact, I think it’s time …

~ Sarah Palin

For those who may have missed Sarah Palin's speech and the question and answer session live. Our friends over at the Right Scoop have video of the Q&A session.

Some highlights from the speech and Q&A, courtesy of Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

"We all face energy challenges in the international arena."

ENERGY is the key. My vision for a free and prosperous America involves an emphasis on energy.

On green energy– I am in favor of an "all of the above approach" to energy.

Unfortunately, though some have stymied responsible drilling. It means we continue to transfer hundreds of millions of American dollars to foreign regimes. Everything is touched.

As government locks up land – they try to tell us that green jobs are our future.

"A recent British study found that for every green job, 4 jobs were lost."

This is social engineering.

Americans can tap into our own natural resources. And natural gas- green and efficient. Natural gas is an ideal "bridge fuel" to the future. It’s a false fairy tale for government to interfere and for Americans to believe that we don’t need oil and gas.

"Big government ideas are once again being thrown into the ash heap of history – but they’re not going quietly."

The future lies with us. There are few limits to what India and America can do together. We both want to expand trade and investment with allies.

It is our people who are driving this relationship.

Our ties and our bonds are deep. They’re not driven by a free people and a free markets not by conclaves.

We will lead because we are on the side of people to make decisions for themselves. We are on the side of religious tolerance and women’s rights. I admire India’s history of strong women leaders.

I supported South Carolina’s first Indian governor Nikki Haley. I support the tea party a vibrant and growing movement.

On social media- We should look at this as an opportunity to advance freedom.

This hunger for freedom is not just American. We have such a connection. Half a world apart but connected by this. We can lead by example.

On trade with India–

Sarah Palin: We are thankful for the free trade agreements throughout the world.

On foreign policy-

Sarah Palin: There would have been more decisiveness. We have a rich tradition on being on the side of those who seek freedom. "Less dithering and more decisiveness."

On China-

Sarah Palin: China has a choice. We need to be sure and India needs to be sure that we are clear with their expectations… We say they manipulate their currency. They accuse us of the same.

…What’s with the military buildup? We have concerns… Again we look forward to see them making the right choice.

On the tea party movement-

Sarah Palin: The tea party patriots just want the Constitution to be followed. It’s smaller smarter government. It’s too good to have a leader.

On campaigning for VP-

Sarah Palin: You can’t really trust the media. You have to have the boldness and courage of setting the record straight. Especially when they have made their choice… I’m not just going to sit back and take it. I’ve learned you can’t just trust the media to set the record straight. Republicans have the fighting instinct of sheep sometimes. I don’t play the victim card when they do choose to set the election straight.

On losing election-

Sarah Palin: Obama was a change agent.

Question: But so were you.

Sarah Palin: But I wasn’t on the top of the ticket.

Sarah Palin: It’s time a woman became president of the United States of America. (Applause)

Sarah Palin: I am a strong supporter of peace through strength… If we want a more peaceful world India and America must work more closely together.

Her role in Republican Party-

Sarah Palin: I’m pretty independent and some people don’t like that… I’m a mom and I just don’t have the time to play some of the games the guys want to play.

On reviving American economy-

Sarah Palin: It’s common sense free market principles. Cutting spending.

Last question – Will your husband be called the first man?

Sarah Palin: First dude.

Closing statement: When I was waiting for your speech I was talking to an official and he said he was looking forward to her speech. I asked him why and he said, "Because Sarah Palin is a a friend of India."

Check out more here:

Jedediah Bila live tweeted the event as well.

One of my favorite quotes: "Sometimes I think Republicans have the fighting instincts of sheep!" No truer words ever spoken! Sarah Palin understands you can't just sit back and allow someone else to control the narrative, and the agenda.

My impressions: This is what a President sounds like. Sarah Palin is a real leader. A confident leader. Sarah has a solid grasp of the big picture. She understands how economic policy, energy policy, and national security all intertwine. Sarah knows the difference between our allies and our enemies. She knows how both must be treated. For those who follow our Twitter account, one of the things we were seeing, is a lot of statements saying India likes Republican Presidents better.

There is a stark comparison between Sarah's speech and Q&A session and the weak presser Barack Obama gave in Brazil. What is really striking, and has MASSIVE implications for the United States, is their different takes on energy policy. Sarah Palin is talking about making the United States energy independent with a solid, common sense "all of the above" approach, while Obama is in Brazil telling their president how jazzed he is that America will become one of Brazil's biggest customers for crude oil!

Energy security also means economic security. The jobs created, as well as lower, more stable energy prices, will translate into a solid economic foundation that will allow every American to thrive and prosper. This will also mean better national security and America will be less effected by events beyond our shores. Being economically sound and energy independent will allow America once again lead the world from a position of strength.

The choice couldn't be more clear. Electing Sarah Palin in 2012 is the only move that makes sense.

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