Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sarah Palin To The Media: Stop Making Things Up!

We saw this one coming a mile away! Since the Obamacentric media has not been able to counteract Sarah Palin with facts, as the facts are always on her side, regarding the issues, they have reverted back to what they are good at, making things up. And the media wonders why they are going broke! Newspapers are failing at an alarming rate, and all of the cable news networks are bleeding viewers to the point of no return. Fox News being the exception. Now why is that? Well for one, while they aren't perfect at least they don't make stuff up.

So what are the Obama sock puppets in the media peddling this week? Well, horror of horrors, cameras and recording devices were not allowed at the Wisconsin Right to life speech Sarah gave last night in Milwaukee. For those that follow news about Sarah closely, like we do, we saw the craziness in reporting about the event. Instead of mentioning the event itself, or the possible content, the Obama media was all up in arms that they weren't allowed to turn a private affair into a circus!

I guess Obama's lap dog media thinks we are all stupid or something. As someone who has gone to their fare share of concerts, shows, and speeches, it's pretty standard to bar cameras and recording devices from these events. After all, the hosts of these events have put them together in an effort to raise money for their charity. They have gone the trouble to secure facilities and advertise. They have either purchased the speakers time, or had the speaker donate it to the charity. The fruits of all of this hard work belongs to the promoters.

But the poor Obama media feels rejected.

Actually, these "journalists" know full well how this stuff works, and why. Again, they cannot take Sarah Palin on with the facts of any issue, the facts are on her side. So, in a desparate attempt to attack Sarah, they make stuff up. It's rather sad.

What is courious though, is this is the same bunch of liars that continually tell us that Sarah is insignificant, of no consequence. Well, if that's the case, why are they losing their collective minds over this?

You know, the media is silly, they are telling us, no, shouting from the roof tops, who they fear the most.

BTW, Sarah will be attending the exclusive black tie Gridiron Dinner in Washington, D.C. next month. That dinner is attended by the top politicians, and no media coverage is allowed. Somehow I doubt there will be anything mentioned about this one.

With all of this said, Sarah, once again tells the media to stop making things up!

Great Wisconsin Event (And Setting the Record Straight, Again)

Today at 9:01pm

Great event last night in Wisconsin! It was an honor to meet great Americans who are working so hard to remind us of life's sanctity and value. I commend this fine state for its efforts to make our nation a more welcoming place for all children.

Let me set the record straight on the media's follow-up reports of the great event: Despite what CNN reported, decisions about not allowing cameras at the event were the prerogative of the sponsors of the event, and I, of course, respected their decision.

I am about to set out on my book tour, where media will no doubt join us at many spots. In the meantime, I ask our friends in the media once again: please quit making things up.

- Sarah Palin

PS: Attached is a photo from the event. You can read more about the excellent work the Wisconsin Right to Life does here.

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