Thursday, October 15, 2009

Make Mine Freedom!

Sometimes something comes along that just blows you away. This is one of those times.

Just as we are now, there was another time when America was fighting the strong advances of communism. There were many Americans who thought communism was the way to go, just as there are now. Lots of folks have vilified Senator Joe McCarthy, who held hearings looking for communists in America. Many have said there were no communists. History proves that McCarthy was absolutely correct.

This cartoon is from 1948, just as the Cold War was kicking into high gear. Just as we have now, many snake oil salesmen were out there trying to convince Americans that communism was the way to go, that if folks would just give up certain freedoms, the all powerful, all knowing government would take care of them forever.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."

Thomas Jefferson

This patriotic cartoon is from John Sutherland Productions and a series he called "Fun and Facts About America." Many of us growing up watching these things as kids, even in the 1960's, as so many of the great 1940's and 1950's cartoons were recycled for new generations. Cartoons were more sophisticated back then, in my opinion, many times geared toward an older audience.

I’ll leave it to the reader’s imagination, but see if "Dr Utopia" the snake oil salesman doesn’t remind you of someone we know all too well today.

The march to communism and tyranny is moving at break neck speed under Barack Obama and the democrat/communist party. This is the most dangerous time America has faced in her 233 year history. We are only a vote or two away by members of the most corrupt United States Congress in history, and a couple of signatures from the most corrupt President in United States history, from becoming a communist state and losing many of our most basic God given freedoms, rights guaranteed in our Constitution. .

Barack Obama is on record describing our Constitution is a "flawed document" and of course, saying we need to "fundamentally change America." Barack Obama was raised by communists and mentored by communists. He’s rubbed elbows with, served on boards with, has given speeches with, and had his first book "ghostwritten" by, a domestic terrorist, a committed Marxist.

What more do you need to know?

As we still fight the struggle to keep Obama and his corrupt democrat/communist controlled Congress from destroying the greatest health care system on earth, and totally usurping our Constitution, let me leave you with this from Ronald Reagan. This is from the 1961 Operation Coffee Cup Campaign against government run health care.

Many of you have seen this before, but as with most things Reagan, it’s both timeless, and always on point, even today. Listen intently for the first 53 seconds, and it will sum up the entire ObamaCare scheme perfectly and why we must fight Obama and the communists with all of our might.

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